New edition of Barcelona Smart Drone Challenge 2020

Now in its THIRD successful year, the BSDC Challenge is a unique opportunity for engineering students to learn practical skills in aerospace engineering and prepare for employment in the industry.

The Challenge launched on October 28. Each year the Challenge is set as a year-long project with phased stages of completion that require strict adherence and assessment in order to qualify.

The Challenge calls on participating teams of undergraduates from national and international universities to undertake a full design and build cycle of a UAS. They are given specific mission objectives, and compete in a final two day ‘fly-off’ event.


The rules of the competition this year 2019/2020 we have on this link


To provide to schools of engineering and design the possibility of working in a real project for developing an UAS. Students, with their participation, will acquire the skills of workgroup capacities, working by objectives, last minute technology and knowledge on future markets among others. On the other hand, UAS industry companies will have a laboratory of ideas and an additional source of future market and product technicians.


The project will consist on manufacturing a, fully functional UAS, following the AESA rules. In this primary edition, will be designed to undertake a representative humanitarian aid mission. The system will be required to operate automatically, performing a series of tasks such as area search, navigating waypoints, accurately dropping payloads and returning to base via a defined route. In future editions this target could be diferent. The phases during the project will include market analysis, definitions on product and its design, and, as a consequence of this, building a real prototype of an UAS. It will be mandatory, also, a business plan that explains how each team evaluates launching its UAS in terms of production, prices, dealers, markets...


The scope of the project this primary year is limited to engineering degree universities as well as the participation of mixed teams with departments or design schools or technicals universities from around the world. The final projects will be presented for verification in a workshop (2 days) at the BARCELONA racetrack


Here you have the regulation of this new challenge. To have the latest version you have to your right of the window a button with the name "Click Me". Any questions you have about the rules of the challenge have a form at the end of the contact web.

Give students real-world engineering experience before leaving university

Throughout the competition, students will get to demonstrate their technical, engineering design and manufacturing skills, learn key team-working, time management, project management, budgeting and presentation skills – and become better equipped for a long-lasting career in engineering. Aspects of the design can constitute their final year project.

Benefits for participants:

Opportunity to promote benefits / fill the void
Inspire young people to pursue career in aerospace
Obtain practical aerospace engineering skills for industry
Win backing from potential employers that they would like to work for Develop connections with other like-minded students from other universities and network
Learn more about the next generation of aircraft
Gain accolades for achievements

The UAS Challenge has been established to:

Encourage and promote UAS research within academia
Promote inter-university collaboration to encourage fundamental and interdisciplinary UAS research
Encourage integration of enabling technologies in curriculum
Create a hub to foster closer academia / industry links
Enhance employment opportunities in the sector
Stimulate interest in sector and set challenges or aspiring engineers
Promote aerospace as a career for engineers
Develop team building skills of participants
Promote the public and professional perception of the Institution in aerospace
Promote awareness by both the educational establishment and the public of the role of the Institution in the aerospace technology field
Provide an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate team working, leadership and commercial skills as well as technical competence


All participants must register online prior to their arrival in Barcelona. Early registration. Click on the link below the pricing grid to register online.


Universities around the country serve as host sites for TEAMS. Each year hosts update their information regarding the competition date and any fees they charge to hold the challange. Once a host has updated their information, the instittion name will appear on the TEAMS website in the drop down box as a choice for competition sites.


The BSDC is the event we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the pinnacle of the best teams from around the world coming together to see who’s champion. This event is the first challenge drone event where every team has had to earn their right to compete.
Dates: July 18 - 19, 2020
Location: Parcmotor de Castellolí Circuit in Barcelona Flight test in the area called the thumbtack.


We will inform you of the different classifications and results during the event and we will be able to consult the history.


Our patricionadores are AIRK.Drone, Forestry Alert of Catalonia and Catalonia Smart Drones. We also look for sponsors to help the teams to have the same possibilities within the challenge and be able to give some reward or prize.


We also have more challenges for the engineers, from the famous Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge, here you have the link to this space. We want them to interact with each other to create interdisciplinary teams.
URL: Smart Moto Challenge


Our team consists of experts in all subjects. They are leaders in this new world of UAVs.


There is no greater satisfaction than to look back and realize that one has grown in self-control, judgment, generosity and selfless actions.


Natxo wants to live in a world full of innovative companies that are eaten books bundled with the extra black chocolate and a force field around your keyboard that repels cats and small kids sticky fingers.

As the architect of innovation with over 25 years of experience, working for the City Council of Barcelona, ​​the SDC, Flone, in RC/Drone Catalonia, Drone-Evangelist, in multiple makers (and more) communities and new media. He is a regular contributor to Facebook Groups Post. He was named "Best Personality in the world of UAVs/drons".

When not writing or creating courses to help small business owners get better coverage, enabling synergies, you may be finding his whip a delicious gluten free, running barefoot or answer the question "why why" by the eleventy-bajillionth time.

His first book, with the working title "Life it from 0 to 2 years: Learn to speak of it in sound bytes gone out of her mouth, as she grew to become a magnet for she .. . my daughter". It also has a sketch of an interesting book about emotions, feelings of that happening in the last year, being accompanied by her partner, friend, best companion of life, the book is scheduled for release this fall.

Get (free) tips, feasible, on his great hobbies, love, travel, experience, flying, dancing, trekking, listening to music, drones, robotics, maker, commons (more) and how to tell your story in a way that makes people (and the media) want to listen in ....

Personal Info

  •   +34 610 71 61 01
  •   Avda. Diagonal, 220 08018 Barcelona


We like the project and we use here daily. It is definitely one of the best tools we have created for our engineers at our universities. We grow with their stories.
I have had the privilege of working with the BSDC Team and UPC. I couldn't be more pleased with their work performance and the quality of the regulation of our challenge. BSDC is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in aerial drone technology. I would highly recommend Barcelona Smart Drone Challenge. Please feel free to contact them should you need any additional information.

Marc Perez - January - 2017

Architect of RAPs (UPC)
I value team of BSDC opinion when it comes to Drone recommendations. Team BSDC considers all options and continuously researches the best way to do a job. Excellent work ethic, I am pleased to recommend BSDC.

Shenna Hyden - December - 2016

Expert and Educational Consultant
Simply the best at what they do, hands down no contest. I had fantastic results working with Steel City Drones. I use them on a few projects and their professionalism, capabilities and results are exactly what I needed. One thing in particular that I appreciate about their project is the peace of mind I have that they truly understand their challenge. So when it comes to insurance requirements, understanding AESA restrictions, circumventing outdoor hazards or indoor obstacles, I have complete confidence that BSDC will navigate it all in order to get me the best looking results for project.

Lawrence - October - 2016

Project Coordinator
In my career, there are few people I’ve encountered that measure up to the professional knowledge and personal work ethic of the Team BSDC. Through his consistent and reliable contributions, his eye for technical accuracy and his aptitude for doing things the right way he's the perfect person to hire. I strongly recommend BSDC and endorse his skills and contributions.

Brad Jones - October - 2016

General Manager
"The overall satisfaction was great, I went through 2018 for the first time. Both Blanca, David and Natxo are amazing." Blanca keeps up with the frequent emails that helped pinch someone like me. "When I contacted Natxo, she came back from Immediate and clarified any confusion I had, in addition to offering to talk on the phone, which perplexed me. And to finish, on the day of the competition, David, just listening to the sound of our drone, diagnosed us with the brushless motors ".

Jaume Balaguer - July 2018

Pilot RAPS


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Diary of Event 2019


Result of Challange 2018

I would like to share with you an important piece of news that has happened to me this past week.

It is that this weekend of 22 and23 July we finally celebrate the first edition of the Barcelona Smart Drone Challenge 2018, which won the Deusto University team, which is called "Deusto Drone Team". I leave you different links to news ... I would like to see if next year in which I am preparing the new regulation and I would like to be able to count on you for its diffusion and participation, we look for how and some format within the areas that you can reach and if you can contribute some kind of prize / Support / investment will also be very good. We would be very happy to have you in the next editions. a smile